Designer HP smartwatch to launch later this year

1 Aug 2014

A new smartwatch powered by HP and built by Gilt is hoping to finally make wearable gadgets fashionable and more than just geeky toys when it launches later this year.

Designed by American fashion designer Michael Bastian, the watch is attempting to finally make the idea of wearing a smartwatch that bit more appealing to its market, particularly those looking for a new luxury watch to try out, according to Engadget.

While details of the watch are rather scant, what is known about the un-name watch is that it will feature a 44mm stainless still circular case with an interchangeable band with three additional colours to the basic black band including brown leather, olive green nylon and a limited edition black.

Perhaps its strongest selling point is that it will be compatible with both Android and iOS making it stand out from its competition which includes Sony and Samsung whose watches are Android-only, while Apple remains shtum on if there’s an Apple smartwatch in the pipeline.

In terms of what HP’s input is into the process, the operating system is expected to feature all of the applications that current smartwatches have such as reading emails, text messages, social media and phone calls.

Bastian himself has compared the watch’s design to that of the car, more specifically the interior dashboard and leather trim familiar to most luxury cars.

Gilt, the makers of the watch, are understood to be launching the phone sometime this autumn but no release date has been announced.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic