Digital Christmas: Great gifts for every stocking

19 Dec 2010

Struggling with last-minute Christmas gift ideas? Then check out these great gadgets.

Sony Reader

The Sony Reader brings reading to the digital age, with this touchscreen device. It uses high-contrast E Ink Pearl display, preventing glare, even in direct sunlight. You can adjust font sizes, contrast and brightness to suit your needs.

It’s fast and easy to use, utilising touchscreen technology to help you navigate through your choice of reading.

Up to 1,200 books or documents can be stored on the reader and the Touch Edition allows you to store more on a memory stick pro duo or SD card. The Reader also includes two English dictionaries and 10 translation dictionaries to help you look up any unfamiliar terms.

Where: Leading electronic stores

X Rocker Pro

X Rocker Pro

It may be a bit big for the average Christmas stocking, but it’ll definitely make for a unique gift! This multimedia chair aims to heighten your gaming experience in comfort. It offers a 2.1 sound system built in, complete with stereo speakers and a subwoofer.

It connects to your console wirelessly to reduce the mess of cables. The X Rocker Pro is compatible with all games consoles, PCs, iPods and MP3 players. Plus, you can fold it up and store it away to help manage space. Handy!

Where: Argos

Apple TV

Apple TV

This little device lets you watch movies from an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or computer. There are thousands of films available to rent for it, or you can wirelessly stream them to your TV. You can also play music and view photos from the device and put them up on the big screen.

It’s simple to set up. Just plug in the power cord, connect Apple TV to your television with a HDMI cable, which is sold separately, and you’re ready to go. You can also get an app for your iPhone or iPod touch that can be used as a remote control for the multimedia device.

Where: Apple store, The Carphone Warehouse

Lady Gaga Heartbeats

Lady Gaga Heartbeats

The latest headphones are a part of the Monster Beats by Dr Dre range of headphones and were designed by none other than pop star Lady Gaga. They not only look unique and stylish, but they produce a fantastic sound quality, too.

The ear-bud design directs the sound into the ear for an extended frequency response and deep bass. They reduce external noise as much as possible for an even better audio quality. The headphones come with a carrying case and multiple sizes of sing-layered and triple-layer silicon ear tips for maximum comfort.

Where: Tower Records

Logitech C600 webcam

Logitech C600 webcam

The Logitech C600 is a high-definition webcam at 720p resolution, providing great image quality when talking to friends and family. The glass lens also adds to the image quality and it has an integrated microphone for your chatting needs.

It also has a universal clip to let you attach it to any device, such as laptops or flatscreen displays. Plus it has a few cute avatars, masks and filters for fun.

Where: Peats

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch

This highly unique mouse has some great features to it. Its slim, collapsible design lets you flatten it for portability and then pop it up again when you want to use it. Its USB transceiver, which plugs into your PC when you need to use the mouse, is magnetic and attaches to the base of the mouse when you’re putting it away.

It can be configured to suit both left and right-handed users and its BlueTrack technology means it can be used on almost any surface.

The Arc Touch Mouse features a touch scroll strip as opposed to a physical scroll wheel, letting you scroll by flicking. Touch buttons can be customised on the mouse, too.

Available: Leading stores