Digital TV switchover awareness increases – study

12 Dec 2011

Most (87pc) of people in Ireland are now aware of the digital TV switchover and 35pc are aware that the analogue TV network will be officially switched off in October 2012, the latest Millward Brown Lansdowne benchmark study suggests.

Carried out in November, the research reveals that awareness of the digital switchover among Irish people has increased by 10pc since the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources launched a public information and awareness campaign last October.

Making the switch to digital TV

  • Anyone who currently relies on an aerial to watch TV – about 250,000 households across Ireland – will need to take action before 24 October 2012 to retain access to TV services. Guidance on the digital switchover is available at online, through LoCall 1 890 940 980 (English language) and 1 890 940 970 (Irish language) and through information booklets available in post offices and Citizen Information Centres throughout the country.

The study also highlights that only 11pc of Irish people over the age of 65 remain unaware of the digital switchover, a figure which represents a 25pc drop since the last research in September. Only 6pc of 55-64-year-olds remain unaware of the digital switchover, down some 21pc on September’s figure.

Also, more urban dwellers (13pc) are unaware of the switchover, compared to 11pc of those who live in rural areas.

“As I stated when we launched our information and awareness campaign in October, it is important that we help people, particularly those people still unaware of the digital TV switchover, to understand what it is, its many benefits, when it is happening and where they can go for guidance,” said Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte, TD.

“It is really encouraging to see that our campaign is having real impact, particularly among older people and rural dwellers who are most affected by the switching off by the analogue TV service next October.”

The study also reveals that the date of the analogue TV switch off – Wednesday, 24 October 2012 – also seems to have stuck, with some 35pc of Irish people correctly stating that this will happen next October. This figure represents a 22pc increase on September’s figure.

“The Government remains committed to continuing to drive awareness of digital television and the switching off of the analogue TV network on October 24th next year,” Rabbitte added.

“This is a very positive thing for Ireland and will offer TV viewers a number of additional benefits, such as clearer picture and sound quality, more TV channels, radio channels, information services and high definition TV.”