Racially diverse middle finger emoji lets Windows 10 users flip the bird

5 May 2015

Flipping the bird, it's natural

Microsoft appears to be the first tech company to embrace the coarse realities of a stressful life, introducing a ‘middle finger emoji’ with its latest Windows 10 update. So let’s go flip the bird!

Despite being cleared for use by the powers that be about a year ago, as yet iOS, Android, WhatsApp, Twitter and Microsoft updates have failed to embrace the single most recognisable hand gesture among teens.

Emojipedia reports that the wonderful new emoji will come in six different skin tones, because we universally love flipping the bird.

Interestingly, the latest iOS update was remarkably comprehensive, adding multiracial options for a slew of its emoji.

We actually thought all that was missing was a ginger icon, but we were wrong – we also lacked a “reverse hand with middle finger extended” emoji.

Racially diverse middle fingers

Now we can all tell someone how we feel with just one emoji, image via Emojipedia

Other emoji alterations include a new relieved face, dropping the exaggerated beads of sweat, a triumphant face that looks madly frustrated and a new, sassier information desk lady.

Sassy hair flip woman

On the left is what Microsoft is implementing apparently, on the right the iOS version., image via Emojipedia

Matching Apple’s approach, a new hand gesture reflective of the Vulcan salute in Star Trek has also been added. The hairdresser emoji now features a lady getting her hair cut, the embarrassed face has improved and the ‘face with medical mask’ is now far better looking.

Owl image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic