Dropbox expands Recents tab from iOS to web

11 Nov 2015

If you’ve got loads of documents in your Dropbox folder, and you find it hard to navigate through them, then the new Recents tab might be for you.

Largely tailored for those who file pretty much all their documents into their Dropbox folder, Recents is a self-explaining shortcut that has been on iOS for a bit now, but is getting an airing on web and then Android pretty soon.

“When Recents premiered in May on iOS devices — and again when it was integrated into the Spotlight search for iOS 9 last month — we saw that users were finding the files they needed significantly faster, and as a result they were finding the Dropbox app even more useful,” the company said.

It will help people whose accounts are a disorganised mess, as well as people who hook their smartphone up to the app, loading up photos as they take them. They will populate the Recents folder, too.

The same goes for travel docs you’ve saved to Dropbox — if you’re frequently pulling them up on your phone as you explore a new city, they’ll be at the top of your Recents list for easy access.

Cloud storage image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic