Dropbox’s new collaboration tool Paper goes into open beta

4 Aug 2016

Dropbox’s new collaboration and productivity tool Paper has gone into open beta and the company has rolled out new iOS and Android apps

Dropbox’s new tool, Paper, a collaboration tool that aims to rival Google Docs and Salseforce’s Quip, has gone into open beta, and the company has rolled out new iOS and Android apps.

The idea behind Dropbox Paper is to help fast-moving teams create collaborative documents and share important information easily.

It’s a logical next step for Dropbox, whose technology is already intrinsic to how thousands or organisations’ teams share vital information in the cloud.

‘It’s a big part of how we’re reimagining the way people work together’

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Think of it as adding conversational parameters and collaborative document-making to data being shared in the cloud.

The near future of work

Animation showing Paper running on an iPhone, with multiple people editing a checklist at the same time

“It’s a big part of how we’re reimagining the way people work together,” said Dropbox product manager Christina Cacioppo.

“We originally launched Paper to a limited number of teams in private beta. And now we’re excited to open up the beta so anyone can sign up – without the waitlist. Plus, we have new Paper mobile apps for iOS and Android that you can use for on-the-go access.”

Cacioppo said that the new Paper app is ideal for brainstorming ideas, capturing meeting notes and create to-dos for teams.

“Start a checklist with just a few keystrokes, and assign tasks to others by simply adding ‘@’ and a team member’s name,” she said.

In a sense, Dropbox is not only kicking out at Google Docs and Quip, but is sending a shot across the bows of fast-growing productivity players like Slack and Trello.

Users can embed videos, images and more in conversation streams, connect the app to Google calendar and automatically share meeting notes with attendees.

Once users have joined the Paper beta, they can download the mobile apps from the iOS App Store and Android Play.

While the Paper mobile app for Android is available worldwide, the iOS version will be available soon for users in the EU.

Team brainstorming meeting image by Raw Pixel via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years