‘Dry Erase Girl’ story a hoax

11 Aug 2010

The story about a girl who quit her job by emailing her office 33 photos containing the reasons why she left written on a white board has been confirmed as a hoax.

Jenny’s tale gained instant popularity online and was shared on numerous blogs worldwide. It received 238,000 Facebook shares and 31,000 tweets overnight.

It was first posted on The Chive, a comedic photo based website, who said that they received them from a person who worked in her office.


The photos explained that she was quitting as she overheard her boss referring to her as a “HOPA” (Hot Piece Of Ass).

She then went on to complain about how her boss was lowering office morale and she revealed that he had spent 19.7 hours on Farmville.

However, today, more photos were published, explaining that it was all a hoax. The girl was an actress named Elyse Porterfield, who had responded to an ad to pose as a model for the shoot.

The concept was created by The Chive founders John and Leo Resig, who came up with the story and also developed the etymology of HOPA to go with it.

Through The Chive, they managed to fool mainstream media with other hoaxes, including Jay Leno, Gawker and Fox News.