EasyDeals launches Deal Finder app

11 Apr 2011

EasyDeals has launched a location-based smartphone app to help Irish consumers find special offers in their areas.

EasyDeals has signed up with more than 4,000 Irish company locations, including Spar, Mizzoni’s and Tesco, to provide special offers for customers on the EasyDeals website.

The new app will help users find these offers in particular counties through their smartphones.

“We want to make it easy for consumers – people expect to have information within a matter of seconds, our app allows them to search for the best deals for hotels, food and shopping when they are on the go,” said Andrew Mullaney, founder and managing director of EasyDeals.

“As it is location-based, people can search for deals no matter where they are, so if they are taking a weekend break in Kerry, for example, they can find all the budget-friendly restaurants or shops in that area.”

The EasyDeals app is available for iOS devices now, with an Android version to follow in six weeks.