Eircom invests in a next-generation selling experience

12 Nov 2009

Incumbent telecoms operator Eircom has invested an undisclosed sum in kitting out a corner of its new headquarters adjacent to Heuston Station with the latest technology wizardry, enabling it to secure high-end corporate deals.

The installation – known as the NGX, meaning Next Generation Experience, which merges internet content-management, mobile-device and touchscreen technologies – facilitates senior Eircom sales managers in helping customers envision the roll out of anything from retail systems to enterprise software and high-end data-centre investments.

Made in Ireland

The NGX was designed and installed by Dublin-based new media company DV4, which develops everything from iPhone apps for bands such as Hoarsebox, to installations for Turner Prize-nominated artists.

Via the system, Eircom managers can install demonstrations on multiple plasma screens, which they can then control by an Apple iPod touch. The nitty gritty of a contract or project can then be handled on a computer surface using touch technology.

The payload of technology installed at the NGX includes two 100-inch high-definition (HD) plasma screens, three 42-inch plasma screens, two 60-inch plasma screens and a touchscreen surface table. At the back end, the technology used by DV4 includes an Apple MacPro, an iMac, a Mac Mini, two iPod touch devices and a content-management system.

Portable content

The content created for the NGX can also be bundled onto laptops that Eircom representatives on the road can bring in front of customers.

“It is already a reality that the days of PowerPoint-based sales techniques are coming to an end and salespeople already use tools from video to the web to interact with their customers and explain ideas,” said Simon Fine of DV4.

“The idea behind the NGX is to help stimulate the sales effort. Situational information can be fed in real-time to any number of applications – we just went for one that happens to be a sales application. Eircom has had successful meetings that it attributes wholly to the NGX room already.”

Mike Davidson, marketing director for corporate markets at Eircom, said the motivation behind NGX is because operators are opting for a consulting-led approach to selling to the corporate market.

“Technology delivery can be as a functional piece of equipment, but at a strategic level it is an enabler and a catalyst for change.

“When you hold high-level conversations, the ability to communicate an idea is important. The NGX allows me to point content to different screens and choose where content appears in the room.

“The key principle is that we are trying to create a more interactive and immersive workshop experience with customers,” said Davidson.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Mike Davidson, marketing director for corporate markets at Eircom, tests out the new NGX installation that is helping the operator sell to the corporate market more interactively.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years