Electrolux Design Lab finalists – are these the helpful home gadgets of the future?

24 Sep 2013

Mab, designed by Adrian Perez Zapata

Electrolux’s annual Design Lab competition is in its 11th year, challenging students around the world to submit concept designs for gadgets they expect to be used in homes of the future. With 1,700 entries now whittled down to eight finalists, it’s time for the jury to pick a winner from these forward-thinking designs.

Students from more than 60 countries created submissions for the competition under the theme of ‘Inspired Urban Living’ and briefs to devise products for effortless cleaning, natural air or social cooking.

The most groundbreaking design to impress the judges will receive first prize of €5,000 as well as a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre. There’s also a People’s Choice Award of €1,000 for the student whose concept receives the most public votes online.

Mab by Adrian Perez Zapata

This automated cleaning system consists of hundreds of tiny flying robots that can scan your house for dirt and clean surfaces by trapping particles.


Atomium by Lucia Silva

Atomium - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

Like your everyday 3D printer, Atomium prints in three dimensions, layer by layer. Only its chief material isn’t plastic, it’s molecular ingredients. This 3D printer will allow the children of the future to not only decide what shape their food comes in, but the machine will also choose the right ingredients to provide optimum nutrition for the user.


Nutrima by Janne Palovuori

Nutrima - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

This kitchen scales will not only give you the weight of your food, but can also assess its nutritional value, freshness and the levels of certain toxins. To keep it powered up, all you have to do is bend it before use to charge.


Global Chef by Dawid Dawod

Global Chef - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

Using hologram technology, Global Chef connects people and cultures around the world, helping them to cook together. Users can even rise through the ranks and participate in competitions for a social cooking experience.


Breathing Wall by Jeabyun Yeon

Breathing Wall - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

This wall-integrated air cleaning concept is aimed at those in urban areas who crave an injection of fresh air into their homes.


3F by Germain Verbrackel

3F Vacuum Cleaner - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

The three F’s stand for ‘form follows function’ and this vacuum cleaner adheres to that concept by shape-shifting to suit the task at hand. Designed for compact apartments with little space for bulky appliances, 3F can also dispense a selected scent throughout the home.


OZ-1 by Wei Kiat Law

OZ-1 wearable purifier - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

Wearable tech gets fresh with this air purifier and stress reliever that can be worn headphones-style or hidden under your collar.


Kitchen Hub by Francisco Barboza Grasa

Kitchen Hub - Electrolux Design Lab Finalist

Designed to improve nutrition and reduce food waste, no future home should be without Kitchen Hub. A built-in food stock app itemises the ingredients available and stores the individual diets of each family member. All of this data, as well as recipes, are then accessible via smartphone to help with weekly shopping.


Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.