Elop reveals first Nokia Windows phone ‘Sea Ray’

24 Jun 2011

Video and images have begun springing up on the internet of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop revealing the fruits of the mobile giant’s collaboration with Microsoft – a pillow-shaped, ultra-thin Nokia device running Windows Phone 7 Mango that is code named ‘Sea Ray.’

In a video that first appeared on Engadget, Elop is seen asking a crowd to put away their cameras and turn down the volume on their phones.

“I want to share something with you that is super confidential and that we do not want to see in the blogosphere.

“We want you to understand that innovation lives on at Nokia and how well as a company we are executing.”

For a brief moment, up pops on the screen a sleek, shiny device Elop describes as having “a beautiful design, all glass, pillow-shaped backing …”


Another video shows Elop walking through an e-commerce travel transaction on a device code named ‘Sea Ray’ that boasts the Windows Phone 7 tabular OS design and using a 3D app to select an airline seat and which has “exactly the same web browser as you would have on a PC.”

The side of the all-black device has a similar button arrangement to the N9 MeeGo phone that was unveiled this week and on the back it sports a Carl Zeiss camera.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years