Epson unveils HD home cinema projectors

7 Sep 2010

Epson has launched two full HD 1080 projectors – the EH-TW3600 and the EH-TW3200 – that bring the experience of the big screen to your sitting room.

Epson is aiming the two projectors at first-time buyers who want to invest in a HD display for gaming, sports and home cinema.

Powered by Epson’s 3LCD technology, both projectors deliver lifelike images. There is no need to pull the curtains, due to the equally high white and Colour Light Output of 2,000 lumens for the EH-TW3600 or 1,800 lumens for the EH-TW3200.

Both are simple to set up and have fully adjustable lens and zoom to achieve a high quality image.

They can be connected to set-top boxes, games consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players using the two HDMI outputs.

“The EH-TW3600 and EH-TW3200 are a smart alternative to a high-definition television because they’re more versatile,” said Katrina Timmis, channel manager of Epson Ireland.

“And what’s more, they offer a bigger image – up to 300 inches – that really brings games, movies and sports to life.”

The EH-TW3600 costs €1,567 and the EH-TW3200 costs €1,085. Both are available from October.