European company develops telepresence robots

13 Jan 2011

Gostai, a European company specialising in robotics and artificial intelligence, has revealed its Gostai Jazz line of autonomous service robots for telepresence in business and security.

The Gostai Jazz robots are 1 metre in height and mobile. They’ve been fitted with a camera and include Wi-Fi connectivity.

The user can connect to the robot via a web browser and can control it from afar, allowing them to see what the robot’s camera sees in real time. They can also hear what’s going on and can communicate through an embedded loudspeaker.

Jazz Connect was designed specifically for business conferencing. Gostai’s founder and CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie reckons that this method of conferencing – telepresence – “will completely change long-distance communication.”

The company believes the units could be useful for organisations wishing to reduce their carbon footprints and could reduce travel costs for frequent flyers.

Jazz robot surveying a factory floor

Jazz Connect also is fitted with 3G connectivity and an LCD screen, which includes the controller’s face for an added personal touch.

This method of communication allows the user to “move” and take in the atmosphere of their surroundings, such as travelling through an office or factory long distance.


Jazz Security can be used as a form of guard robot. It can patrol autonomously at night using an infrared camera and a map of its surroundings, as well as a laser system to help it localise things.

The robot detects suspicious moves to help a night watchman or traditional alarm system. A teleoperator can control it any time there is an alert.

Jazz Security can also send SMS alerts if it detects an intruder and LED power lights to illuminate dark areas.

They also have Jazz Icon, a much more detailed unit designed to promote a brand or image at points of sales and fairs.

It’s a pretty intriguing take on business conferencing, branding and security, however, the technology isn’t exactly cheap. Jazz Connect and Icon are available from €7,900. Icon can be rented from €1,800. Jazz Security is available from €8,400.

Closeup of Jazz robot