Facebook experiencing photo memory loss

2 Nov 2010

Social networking website Facebook has added a feature to prevent displaying ex-partners’ images on user pages.

The Photo Memories feature displays older photos that might not have been viewed in some time, which Facebook tended to pop up every now and then.

The update to the service has been implemented in order for users to avoid seeing photos of an ex-partner or someone they no longer wish to keep in contact with.

The tool requires the user to inform the website of their relationship status however, and must change that status on their homepage in order for it to work.

Photo Memories has proven unpopular among some users and has even inspired a fan page for those who dislike it.

Personal data

Facebook has had a checkered past when it comes to their handling of personal data and have had to simplify their privacy policy in recent months.

Facebook has also recently signed a deal with Russia’s largest search engine – Yandex – which will see the search engine integrate information from the social network on its website.

Yandex will inform its users of new notification on the networking website and add data into its bloc search index.