Facebook introduces new photo app ‘Facebook Camera’

24 May 2012

Facebook has introduced a new photo-sharing app for the iPhone called Facebook Camera that makes it easier for the social network’s users to share multiple photos in one go plus see a feed of photos from their community.

The app makes it easier to share groups of shots by just ticking them from a selection and adding captions and tags.

The app also allows users to easily crop, rotate and add filters to shots they want to share.

It is clear now why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to get his hands on Instagram – photo sharing is a hot, hot market and Facebook wants to own it.

What’s next? Video? All will be revealed. Photo sharing and video sharing via the Social Graph is taking off in a big way if the success of Instagram, Viddy and SocialCam are anything to go by.

The app, simply called Camera, will be available for the iPhone via the App Store or via this Facebook link from today onwards.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years