Facebook introduces video profile pictures to mobile

1 Oct 2015

Facebook is starting to roll out a bunch of clever changes to the mobile side of its social media service, with video profile pictures and temporary placeholders coming on stream.

It seems this is only available on iOS for now, and even then not everybody has access just yet, but video profile pictures are a great idea by Facebook.

The improvements come on the back of an impressive 26m people using Facebook’s ‘Celebrate Pride’ filter a while back, showcasing how much emphasis people put on their profile pages.

Personalising the personal

Actually, each of the changes makes sense.

You can also put up a temporary profile picture if you want to reveal a bit more about yourself, so, if you are out partying, your profile picture can be you dancing, before reverting back to normal after a chosen amount of time.

Temporary profile pictures Facebook

Elsewhere, your featured photos that appear just below your profile information are manageable, so you can choose what dreadfully thought-out images appear there (no more blurry snaps).

Facebook video profile

The videos for your profile pics are short, seven seconds at most, and looped. To be honest, seven seconds is way too long, you should be able to create something cool in half that time.

Facebook video profile pictures

Check if you are one of the lucky early-birds who can play around with the new changes by going to your Facebook app and clicking on ‘more’.

You should notice some changes, and when you edit your profile picture all will make sense.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic