‘Facebook login’ is fastest-rising search term on Google

2 Dec 20091.36k Views

Facebook’s login page was the fastest-rising search subject in Ireland in 2009, according to Google’s annual Zeitgeist. In terms of mobile search, Twitter topped the list.

According to Google’s Zeitgeist for Ireland, the fastest-rising search terms were: Facebook login, Yahoo! Mail and AIB internet banking.

The fastest-rising search terms on Google News were: swine flu, Stephen Gately, Jade Goody and Michael Jackson.

The fastest-rising searches on Google Maps were: The O2, Old Trafford and Eiffel Tower.

Twitter topped the Google Mobile Search category followed by Twitter, iPhone and Waptrick.

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Twilight topped the Google Book Search as the fastest-rising item, followed by categories like fiction, science and religion.

Lady Gaga emerged as the most-searched image on Google Image followed by Twilight, Michael Jackson and Cheryl Cole.

Globally, Michael Jackson was the most-searched item on Google followed by Facebook.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years