Facebook notifications redesigned, far more on offer

27 Oct 2015

Facebook’s notifications tab is about to get a whole lot different for users, with far more information on the things you like and a calendar of your interests – but only in the US, for now.

Facebook just won’t stand still. After plans for a shopping channel, a searchable history of public posts on its service and an iOS rollout of Instant Articles last week, the social media giant is now redesigning the notifications tab.

Being released across both iOS and Android in the US, at first, Facebook will soon allow users to tailor and personalise their notifications to include things across both friends and interests.

Included will be:

  • Friends’ milestones, like birthdays and life events
  • Sports scores and TV reminders, based on Pages you’ve liked
  • Upcoming events that you’ve joined
  • Things happening around your community, like local events and news that is popular in the city you live in
  • Weather updates, like current conditions and severe weather alerts
  • Movies playing in cinemas near you
  • A list of nearby places to eat, with links to the places’ Facebook Pages and reviews
Facebook notifications

Some of the new additions to Facebook notifications

“Every day, people use their notifications to keep up-to-date with their friends and family,” said Keith Peiris, product manager at Facebook.

“We’ve heard feedback that people wanted to add important information that they can easily see, all in one place.”

“We’ll continue to listen to feedback about the information people find most useful and may periodically add more cards to choose from.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic