Facebook to appear on more mobile devices with Every Phone app

13 Jul 2011

Facebook has launched the ‘Every Phone’ app, bringing the social network to more than 2,500 Java-enabled phones.

The Every Phone app aims to bring Facebook to older phones or less advanced devices, particularly within developing areas.

According to Inside Facebook, it’s a rebranding of Snaptu’s Facebook feature phone app and includes a number of enhancements. Facebook recently acquired Snaptu for this app.

The app includes the ability to check the news feed, inbox and photos. It also allows users to upload photos and find friends on Facebook.

Facebook has also collaborated with carriers worldwide to offer users free data access to this app for 90 days. Locations include the UK, Portugal, Indonesia and India.

The app has been optimised to use less data than mobile sites or other Java apps to reduce data charges once the 90-day timeline ends.

The Every Phone app can be downloaded by visiting Facebook’s mobile site or app stores such as GetJar, Appia and Mobile Weaver.