FarmVille coming to iPhone

8 Jun 2010

One of the most devastating things about no Flash for the iPhone has got to be the fact that you can’t play FarmVille on your iPhone or iPad, non?

Well, OK, you’re not going to admit it, but I know you were a tad disappointed that you couldn’t sow corn and feed chickens on your shiny Apple smartphone but fret not because Zynga has announced FarmVille will soon be immortalised in app form.

That’s right, those cursedly addictive in-game purchases that make so much money for the games company that also brought you Mafia Wars and YoVille will soon be in-app purchases, lessening both your tangible guilt and bank account.

It may also be no coincidence that Zynga will be a presence on the iPhone as the iAd platform arrives. Zynga has long derived profit from supporting ads as much as its in-game purchases.

No release date or price point has been announced yet but we should see it arriving at some point this summer and it will have the ability to sync with platforms, including Facebook, so that your non-iPhone friends will still be able to be your virtual neighbour and help out on your farm from time to time.

By Marie Boran