First four Natal games named

11 Jun 2010

Ahead of the E3 kickoff next week Microsoft is expected to name four key games for its Natal add-on.

Living Statue, Obstacle Course, River Rush and Ricochet are the four new games although River Rush had already been leaked back in April by US film director James Gunn on his blog after a visit to Microsoft and Ricochet is the demo game we’ve been seeing since E3 2009 although now it supports two players at once.

The LA Times reports that Living Statue is a dancing, karaoke style game where players can record their avatars performing and then share the resulting videos with friends on the Xbox Live platform.

Obstacle Course does what it says on the tin: the player must make their way through different levels by completing various tasks on an obstacle course as they would in boot camp or on a training course.

These games have been created by Microsoft especially for Xbox Natal but the real excitement will happen when third party developers including Disney Interactive, THQ, Ubisoft and EA Games reveal their Natal titles in the coming week.

It is rumoured that Burnout Paradise and Fable III are amogst the games to get the Natal treatment.

Image: Natal, as demoed at E3 2009