First portable guitar tab player gets upgraded

21 Dec 2010

The i-tab v1.2, an upgrade to the portable guitar tab player, has arrived in Ireland, offering custom backing tracks.

The i-tab, which was the first of its kind, offers musicians a pocket-sized unit to sit on the end of their guitar which prompts song chords and lyrics at the tempo of their choice.

Version 1.2 of the i-tab offers custom multi-track MP3 backing tracks, letting users remove instruments and vocals as they wish, tailoring their playback.

The upgrade includes an adjustable metronome volume with a choice of three sounds for keeping rhythm.

The song book layout has been improved, featuring a larger clickable area. The 5-inch touchscreen device now includes a new “Apply” button to let users save settings to retain all the information from the current session for the next time they use it.

The i-tab also includes 4GB of internal memory, an built-in speaker and includes headphones, a stylus, a USB connector, a charger and a selection of song tabs.

It also has TV out leads to let musicians play synchronised chords, lyrics and backing tracks through the player and to let them control the unit in TV out mode.

The i-tab v1.2 is available in XMusic stores or online for €149.99.