Flipboard moves to the iPhone

7 Dec 2011

iPad news reading app Flipboard has been made available for the iPhone and has added a new Cover Stories feature in the process.

Flipboard allows users to gather content from social networks and other websites and present them in a magazine format.

The app has seen enormous popularity on the iPad for its sleek design. Apple named it the app of the year in 2010. A Chinese edition of the app has also been recently released.

The app has now moved to the iPhone and has been reworked for the smaller screen. It has introduced Cover Stories, which lets users quickly access the most interesting updates from their feeds.

The Cover Stories feature improves the accuracy of its top stories by remembering how users interact with their friends and stories. Users can also adjust what appears on Cover Stories by adding content to Flipboard, muting those who the user doesn’t want to hear from and connecting to social networks.

The Flipboard iPhone app is available now on the iTunes App Store.