Forget the iPad Mini, apparently Samsung has a smaller Galaxy S III in the works

3 Oct 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III

A cryptic invite to a Samsung event in Germany has the tech press speculating that the South Korean manufacturer could be preparing to launch a 4-inch version of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III.

With the launch of the Galaxy S III and its 4.8-inch screen earlier this year, Samsung set the bar for Apple to meet with its next iPhone. As expected, the iPhone 5 came sporting a larger screen, albeit still smaller, narrower and more pocket-friendly than the Samsung device.

Now – if the rumours are to be believed – we have Apple on the verge of launching a smaller iPad and Samsung ready to introduce a shrunken Galaxy S III. Can you keep up?

A small sensation

Spotted by BGR, German mobile news site MobiFlip has published an invite received from Samsung for a press event taking place on 11 October. In German, the invite implies that something small is coming from something big and that invitees should get ready for a ‘sensation’.

The background of the invite sports the ‘S’ logo used for Samsung’s Galaxy S brand of smartphones, leading many to believe that this will be the unveiling of a 4-inch ‘Galaxy S III Mini’, packing the features of the flagship device into an iPhone 5-sized model.

While nothing is for certain just yet, we’ll be keeping our eyes on what the tech press in Germany have to say come next week.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic