Future laptops to get Kinect integration?

27 Jan 2012

The Kinect motion sensor could be integrated into laptops along with desktop computers, according to reports. Asus may have designed a prototype with Kinect functionality built into it.

According to The Daily, Asus has developed a prototype netbook running Windows 8 which features a row of small sensors across the top of the screen where the webcam would usually be. The device also has LEDs at the bottom of the display.

Microsoft reportedly told them that it was an official prototype of a laptop featuring Kinect sensors. It could allow users to navigate through the Windows 8 OS using gesture and voice controls.

The tech giant is likely to licence the Kinect technology to hardware manufacturers to create their own Kinect-based laptops.

The report comes shortly after Microsoft confirmed that the Kinect will be coming to desktop computers at CES this year. A Kinect for Windows SDK will be made available to software developers for the platform.

The Kinect is a hands-free sensor which first appeared for the Xbox 360 to allow users to play video games with their whole body rather than a traditional controller. Microsoft recently updated the Xbox dashboard to allow users to navigate through it using gestures and voice, so its evolution to PCs and laptops seems like a logical next step.