Gadgets: All-in-one Bluetooth controller, Apple Watch dock and Iron-Man Galaxy S6

18 May 2015

The Iron Man edition of the Samsung S6

This week in gadget happenings: a universal controller for all Bluetooth devices, intelligent alarm clock for the sleepy-heads, unofficial Apple Watch dock and an Iron-Man phone to make Tony Stark proud.

Nuimo, seamless smart home interface

Nuimo is a portable universal controller that will work with just about anything fitted with Bluetooth, such as laptops, smartlights, smart TVs and music players.

The device can be placed anywhere in the home, and is operated not just by a clickable button, but also a slick motion detector that tracks hand gestures. These inputs are easily mappable to the devices and applications.

The controller features an LED matrix on its face to give user’s instant feedback of changes, and runs up to four months on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Iron-Man edition

If you’ve seen Avengers: Age of Ultron (a judging by the box office figure you probably have), you may have noticed plenty of Samsung Galaxy S6 placements. Now the consumer tech giant is set to release a special Iron-Man edition of the S6 Edge for the super-serious series enthusiast.

Having been revealed by a Samsung executive earlier this month, the company tweeted a teaser (since deleted) of the device, featuring an image of a red box with Iron Man’s golden mask, along with the text: “Coming Soon (*Detailed availability in markets may differ by region)”.

It’s not clear if the device will be just a red and gold version of the S6 Edge or will feature other bonus features.



Chipper, the intelligent alarm clock

A gadget that’s both an ingenious concept and some sleepyhead’s own personal idea of hell, Chipper makes it almost impossible not to get up on time in the morning.

Designed for those of us who like to hit the snooze button and get right back under the blanket, Chipper connects sensors to a user’s mattress so it knows when they’re in bed. To switch off the alarm, the user just needs to get up. Clamber back in, and the alarm will go off again.

Chipper comes with an alarm that hangs off the side of a bed and connects to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing them to control the alarm times and settings. A standard USB wall adapter provides the power.

Icons by Corners4, iPhone 6 protection

Most damages to smartphones occur from corner impact, which is why many protective cases are designed to defend devices from such bumps. Icons Corners4, however, is not your typical case, but rather four handcrafted, zinc alloy protectors attach to an iPhone’s 6 and 6 Plus corners to help protect against potential damage.

The corners elevate phones above flat surfaces, protecting the screen and back from scratches, while also giving the device extra resistance when dropped.

The product comes in three striking (if gaudy) designs that the company claim are the result of “a long and arduous journey from design concept, to hand carved wax originals, to fine tuning molds for casting”. The look might not be to everyone’s taste, but the corners are made from light but high-grade aluminum for extra durabilty.

Corners4 are currently seeking backing for the project via Kickstarter.

AWDock, a dock for the Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch selling like gangbusters, the market for unofficial accompanying products is likely to be massive. And so we have the AWDock, a device that connects with the Apple Watch charger and keeps the device set in place with microsuction technology.

AWDock safely suspends a watch when its not on its user’s wrist, while making its features easily accessible when charging. Plus, it comes in solid aluminum, stainless steel or 18 Karat gold (plated) to help match Apple’s broad series.



Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic