Gadgets news: Egg Master horrifies internet

20 Jul 2015

This week in gadgets news, the Egg Master promises new and horrible ways to make eggs, safer headphones for cyclists and a Nike shoe for people with disabilities.

Egg Master

Sometimes, methods of cooking don’t need to be improved and in the case of the Egg Master this couldn’t be any truer.

That frying pan that creates nice, round eggs that look nutritious is apparently the least efficient way to eat them as the Egg Master would rather you eat them like a tube of paste or as one reviewer puts it, a “hot sweating mess”.

All that’s required is the addition of some lubricant and some egg yokes and hey-presto, a squelchy tube of egg that is supposedly the least appealing food substance on Earth comes out.

Novel idea though, and it does offer some recipes of inserting eggs with various foodstuffs, all for the low-low price of €42 (£30) from Amazon.

Cyclist-ready headphones – Safe + Sound

It should be a no-brainer, but if you’re a cyclist, pedalling at high speeds down a road while listening to music, you’re putting yourself in serious danger of being knocked down.

Thankfully, technology is stepping in to offer a way to listen to music, but not completely cut you out from the outside world with the newly designed Safe + Sound headphones.

Developed by London’s Royal College of Art designer Gemma Roper, the headphones go nowhere near your ears, rather it uses bone-conduction to send the music through the user’s cheekbones.

This will allow the person to cycle to their heart’s content while still being able to hear traffic coming towards them and other ambient sounds that could help save them from tragedy, while also allowing them to wear their helmets safely too.

Gadgets news Safe + Sound

Gemma Roper wearing the Safe + Sound under her helmet. Image via Gemma Roper

Nike Flyease shoe

A nice idea from Nike this week as the company announced the development of a shoe that is specifically designed to help people with disabilities like cerebral palsy put shoes on with ease.

According to Business Insider, the shoe’s design was inspired by teenager Matthew Walzer, who wrote to the company asking that they develop a show that won’t require shoelaces to be tied, something he cannot do with his cerebral palsy.

The original concept design was sent to Matthew back in 2012 who had said at the time that the shoe offered “the greatest sense of independence [he had] ever felt in [his] life”, but has now been released commercially.

Gadgets news Nike Flyease

Nike’s Flyease shoes for people with disabilities

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

While it’s never been an issue with iPhones, the removal of the micro SD slot on Android phones for additional memory has been something of a pain for some Android users, who find the stock memory in phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 as being inadequate.

Well, now, SanDisk have developed a USB memory stick that is also capable of connecting to Wi-Fi and sending data stored on it to a mobile phone.

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is accessed like cloud storage through an accompanying app and can power itself with an internal battery and can support 4.5 hours of use at a time.

It’s pretty cheap too coming in at just under €30 for the 16GB version and €100 for the 128GB version.

Gadgets news SanDisk wireless stick

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Dead egg image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic