GarageBand arrives on iPhone and iPod touch

1 Nov 2011

The iPhone 4S

Music creation app GarageBand is out now for iPhone and iPod touch devices, after arriving on the iPad earlier this year.

The app features a collection of touch-controlled instruments, letting beginners or experienced musicians play and record instruments such as drums, keyboards and guitars.

It also includes Smart Instruments, letting users choose from a library of custom chords.

Users can plug their electric guitars into their iOS devices to play and record through classic amp effects and they can also record their voices or acoustic sounds through the microphone.

GarageBand also lets users record and mix up to eight tracks, which can be edited further on programmes such as Logic Pro.

GarageBand for the iPhone and iPod touch is available now, costing €3.99 for new users. Users who own the iPad version can get the app for their smaller iOS devices as a free update.