Get your electronics organised (infographic)

23 May 2012

Gadgets to organise gadgets – a new infographic reveals products that can help you get the most out of your living space.

The infographic published by BundleCity on describes eight gadgets to help keep your electronics organised and clear up space.

Among the gadgets the infographic suggests is the functional and space-saving digital music docking station, which can serve as an alarm clock, AM/FM radio, and digital music player charger all rolled into one.

A TV wall mount hangs a flat-screen TV on the wall like a picture, and a cord coiling management device turns a tangled mess of cables into a neat and streamlined coil. Cable clips also help keep cables of all sizes untangled and tucked away.

The remaining gadgets listed on the infographic are a HDMI cable, mini cable management box, HD over-the-air antenna, and a TV/DVD combo (a TV and a DVD player in one unit).

In addition to keeping people from tripping over wires and boxes, an organised living space has psychological benefits, too.

Studies have shown that getting organised not only improves your time-management skills, but it can even significantly boost your mood, according to the infographic.