Gigglebit: Finally, DJs can wave their arms for a reason

21 Nov 2014

Image via Thalmic Labs

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We all know that DJing is terribly difficult. You have to stand there making hand movements for hours on end, just to convince the paying public that you are doing more than pressing play on an iTunes playlist.

You need to wave, fist pump, yell and then every three minutes or so hold your hand to your ear, where one headphone appears to hold the key to all that you do.

And you have to do all of this while keeping an eye on that play button; don’t press stop, whatever you do don’t press stop!

This multitasking – this bridge of over-the-top hand movements and deeply psychological ‘not pressing stop’ focus – has been difficult, arduous and exhausting. If only there was something out there that could combine the two.

Well, ask and you shall receive, for Thalmic Lab’s Myo gesture sensor band may answer all your prayers. Teaming up with Armin Van Buuren, the company brought gesture control to some of his live shows, allowing him to manage lights and video while giving us all a wave.

And that’s all we want, a dance and a wave.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic