Gigglebit: Ignore Apple’s terms and conditions at your peril

3 Nov 2014

Photo by arda savasciogullari via Shutterstock

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With Gigglebit, we turn the spotlight on humorous and/or amazing content about science and tech, because sometimes the lighter side should be taken seriously, too.

On a serious note, terms and conditions for any service are important and should be read thoroughly. But ‘should’ is a term that, in this case, is interpreted as permission to regularly and wilfully ignore this guidance. ‘Should’, after all, is not ‘must’, and there is nothing to stop us from clicking ‘I have read and agree to these terms’ when we have read nothing more than that sentence.

Privacy and security experts have long preached the good word, but today’s sermon is brought to you by St Mark’s Anglican Church, with a fresh perspective on the consequences of ignoring these lengthy, boring documents.

Apple terms and conditions

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