Gmail lets users send cartoon messages from Santa to loved ones

21 Dec 2011

If you thought the ‘Let it snow’ Easter egg was the last seasonal surprise Google had in store for the world, you were wrong. Google is allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to send a personalised cartoon message via Gmail and Google+.

The video message allows users to effectively have a cartoon created in which a friend, sibling, son or daughter can be addressed by Santa who takes them on a tour of his house at the North Pole.

The cartoon Santa then employs information provided by you such as the name of the recipient, what good deeds they’ve done and what they’d like for Christmas, as well as location (for when he drops down the chimney, of course).

Last Friday, Santa opened up the Ho Ho Hotline and teamed up with Gmail to send personalised holiday phone calls to anyone you know who has been nice (or naughty, for that matter) in the US or Canada.

Santa, or more specifically the Gmail team, has one more surprise in store.

“Starting today, anyone in the world can create and send a personalised cartoon video message (in English only) from Santa to anyone you know, anywhere in the world, and share them through email and Google+,” explained Trevor Claiborne, a product manager in Google’s Gmail team.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years