Gmail on Android reaches 1bn downloads

16 May 2014

Establishing itself as the world’s largest email service, Gmail has become the first app to surpass 1bn downloads on the Android Google Play store.

Despite this, Android Police reports that the figure of 1bn tallies the number of registered accounts with the Google service, rather than the number of active monthly users.

By its own data, Google estimated just under half of this number – 425m – would be put into the active user bracket.

This figure was calculated back in 2012 so it would be expected that the user number would also rise during this time, especially given the most recent figures that show the Android operating system dominated both the smartphone and tablet market. On tablets alone, Android makes up 62pc of the worldwide user base.

Next month will mark the second anniversary of the Gmail app passing the barrier as the most widely used email service worldwide. It has now been rumoured to be building up towards an announcement on one of the biggest changes to its user interface in a number of years.

Supposedly leaked screenshots show a more refined and less cluttered version of the desktop version of Gmail, perhaps aiming more towards the format of the Android app.

Gmail app image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic