Google adds more than 100 virtual language keyboards to Gmail

10 Oct 2012

Internet search giant Google has given Gmail users a hand communicating in different languages via more than 100 virtual language keyboards in the email platform.

“Finding the right words can be difficult, especially across languages, and once you choose them, finding a way to type them can be even harder,” wrote C Andrew Warren, product manager, on the Google Official Blog.

“Try emailing family in Germany, chatting with friends in China or adding a Russian business partner’s name to your contacts and you may find yourself limited by the language of your keyboard.”

Google has thus rolled out input tools – the keyboards, transliteration and input method editors – to Gmail, to remove those limits and enable users to type in the language and keyboard layout they are most familiar with.

Users can even switch between languages with one click, Warren wrote.

To give a virutal keyboard a whirl in Gmail, just check the box next to Enable input tools under Language in Settings.

Once you’ve enabled it, you’ll see the Input Tools icon next to the Settings button in your toolbar, and you can turn on and off any Input Tool from there.

Gmail tool

Image via Google Official Blog