Google broadens Latitude’s horizons

5 May 2009

When Google launched its location-aware Latitude technology that allows users to embed and share their location with friends and family, it could only be used within Google Maps via a user’s desktop or mobile phone.

However, two new releases have freed Latitude’s functionality to allow users to share their location with those who are not signed up to the service and added as friends.

Google Talk Location status – which is in beta – gives you the option of displaying your geographic location as part of the status bar on your chat window. You simply go into settings and enable your location status to activate.

The second application is the Google Public Location Badge.

With standard embedding code, you can place your status in your blog, or you have the option of creating a custom version in your own application.

In order to preserve privacy, you can elect to place your status at city level because placing this code in your blog will naturally mean that anyone reading your blog will be able to see your location too.

By Marie Boran