Google Chrome OS devices on the way?

2 Nov 2010

Reports have said the Google Chrome operating system may launch later this month on “smartbooks”, with Google planning on releasing its own one.

According to DigiTimes, their sources from “component players” have said Google’s Chrome notebook will be made by Inventec and are planning initial shipments of 60,000-70,000 units.

It will feature an ARM-based platform and it won’t be sold through their retail channels.

The sources also said Acer and HP will launch their Chrome OS devices in December at the earliest. Both products will be made by Quanta Computer. Asustek is said to be still observing this market.

The machines will fall into the “smartbook” category, which were hyped up to merge the best part of smartphones and netbooks.

DigiTimes’ sources have said the first-generation smartbooks failed due to the fact the technology was still immature. Could this next step with Google Chrome OS be the smartbook’s time to shine?