Google Maps adds Uber integration and lane guidance to app

7 May 2014

Google Maps with lane guidance

Google has continued pushing traditional GPS guidance devices to one side with a Google Maps update that sees the addition of a visible lane guidance on roads, as well as integration with car-sharing app Uber.

Until now, perhaps Google Maps’ only drawback over the traditional GPS device was the lack of ability to view which lane you were supposed to move into at an upcoming slip road or junction instead of a vague announcement to stay in the left or right lane, but with the latest update Google Maps now has parity with its biggest competitors.

Google has also included the ability to save on mobile data costs with the option to save a particular map or route.

Despite receiving criticism from a number of European governments, including its banning by the Belgian government, the latest version of the app will allow users with the Uber app installed on their mobile devices to compare their ride with transit and walking directions from Google Maps in selected cities.

A number of other smaller features have been added to the latest version of the Google Maps app, including local public transit times, and a filter option to browse ratings for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic