Google Now coming to iOS devices, leaked video reveals

13 Mar 2013

The iPhone 5

Like most things in the technology world, it’s never a case of if, but rather when. A leaked video on YouTube that was promptly pulled reveals that Google’s contextual cards app Google Now is making its way to iOS devices and could arrive any week now.

Google Now has been something of a hit with Android Jellybean users, providing them with timely information on everything from sports to weather at the most apt time.

The leaked promotional video – captured and embedded over at Engadget – shows Google Now is being prepared for iPhone and iPad devices, promising users “the right information at the right time”, including traffic directions, flight times, useful currency information, sports and entertainment.

According to the video, the app will soon be available via the Google search app by signing in and swiping up.

It is also believed to be coming to Chrome OS and Windows 8 devices.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years