Google Now will soon arrive on Google’s home page

22 Apr 2013

As evidence that Google is rigidly following a ‘mobile first’ ethos when it comes to developing products, the search giant’s Google Now context engine which debuted last year with Jelly Bean, is finally making its way to the web.

Google is understood to be testing Google Now functionality for its homepage.

Google Now is a recently launched feature that learns from users and presents need-to-know information on special cards on the screen on a myriad of topics from travel to sports and weather.

Google has launched it across Android, iOS and Chrome.

The feature is now expected to make the leap from smartphone and tablet screens to Google’s homepage.

According to Alex Chitu’s Google Operating System blog, the internet giant is testing code to run Google Now cards on users’ home screens, allowing them to gather relevant local information like the weather and traffic conditions.

The addition of contextual information to the home screen of users’ computers could be seen as a successor to iGoogle, which is among the products Google is planning to scrap.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years