Google Play starts suggesting apps to delete in bid to save space

2 Jun 2016

Google is rolling out a new update for the Google Play Store that will help phones with low storage make more room for new apps and updates by suggesting lesser-used apps to delete.

As apps, such as gaming apps, become increasingly more detailed and advanced, the amount of storage required just to play them has become an increasing problem for older-generation phones with smaller hard drives.

Now, according to Android Police, Android developers will soon be rolling out a tweak to the Google Play Store that will scan your apps and determine which ones are the least used.

If you are trying to download an app and there’s not enough space, you can then delete whichever apps you want and let the download continue.

Google Play Store

How the new feature looks on the Google Play Store. Image via Android Police

This seems like an inevitable and necessary decision to save people from having to cancel the download and then go into the Android settings to scroll through and delete apps manually.

The APK file was first discovered nine months ago, but now seems to be quietly rolling out with some other additional information as well.

However, it only seems to cover apps at the moment and doesn’t take into account other potentially large files like videos and music that might also be left untouched for months.

Also, there appears to be no prompting for users to move some of the larger apps to its cloud services, such as Google Drive, to allow them to keep the app, but take it off the phone’s own internal memory.

Google Play Store image via N Azlin Sha/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic