Google promises sweet new operating system with Android Lollipop

15 Oct 2014

Google has finally revealed details of its next operating system (OS), to be known as Android Lollipop. The new OS is to be released on Nexus phones in coming weeks.

Android 5.0 or Android L as it has been known for the last few months, was showcased at Google’s developer conference, I/O 2014 last June but now a number of consumers should expect the first version within the next two days.

Yesterday, Google had teased tech journalists and Android enthusiasts with a video throwing out a number of potential names beginning with the letter ‘l’ with the title ‘sweeeeet’.

Lollipop has been designed as a complete overhaul of the Android operating system and has, for example, moved the notifications tabs to the top of the screen so as to not interfere with any activities the user is doing at the bottom of the screen.

Other smaller yet significant changes will be seen with the user interface, for example, the appearance of the return arrow will change to a circle.

According to Google’s post on its blog page, Lollipop will also allow a user to adjust his or her settings so only certain people and notifications can get through to be seen directly from the lockscreen.

Another addition is a new battery saver feature that Google promises will extend a person’s phone usage by as much as 90 minutes, as well as the ability to set up multiple accounts if someone wants to hide private information if giving the phone to a friend or colleague.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic