Google releases Chrome apps on iOS and Android platforms

29 Jan 2014

Google’s popular Chrome apps, which allow users of the web browser to perform a series of tasks, from reminders to games, are now available on Google Play and the iTunes mobile stores.

With its release today, Google is attempting to integrate more of its interface into the Android and Apple operating systems (OS) using a platform system known as Apache Cordova, which allows the porting of web apps onto mobile platforms.

Perhaps the biggest motivation for downloading and accessing these apps is that they will act more like native apps built into the OS, which will allow you to use them offline.

However, when the user is online, they can sync with their desktop Chrome apps and access information they have worked with on their mobiles.

Chrome notes

A screenshot from a Chrome Keep app on Android

Chrome desktop apps have been available on both PC and Mac versions of Chrome for some time now but this can be considered a push by Google to further integrate its technology in Android and Apple devices as its own browser, Chrome OS, has only featured on a small number of laptops.

Many of the apps highlighted by Google that will feature in its Chrome apps are Wunderlist, The Economist and UberConference, as well as games like Cracking Sands and They Need to be Fed.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic