Google reveals new ‘Google+ Sign In’ feature for apps

27 Feb 2013

Google has introduced a new weapon for the armories of software developers called Google+ Sign that will allow users to sign into apps via their Google+ accounts. Aimed at eradicating ‘social spam’, the new service will compete with Facebook Connect and Twitter’s authorisation tools.

“If you sign into Gmail, YouTube or any other Google service, you can now use your existing credentials to sign into apps outside of Google,” Seth Sternberg, product manager for Google+ explained in the Google+ blog last night.

He said the new Google+ Sign-in feature comes with protections and safeguards akin to two-step verification to ensure users can sign in with confidence and assurance.

“Many developers offer web and mobile versions of their app, yet setting things up across a browser, phone and tablet is still a major hassle. Starting today, when you sign into a website with Google, you can install its mobile app on your Android device with a single click,” Sternberg said.

The new service also lets users decide who they want to share their updates with or if they want to share updates from apps at all, such as fitness goals.

A new ‘interactive post’ feature that appears in the Google+ stream will take users inside the app to listen to music or view the video that the user shared.

Google also told developers that Android apps will require the latest version of Google Play Services, which is rolling out over the next few days.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years