Google Street View boards train through Swiss Alps

28 Mar 2012

Railway Alp Spinas View in Thusis, Switzerland, as seen on Google Street View

Armchair travellers can now journey by train through the Swiss Alps thanks to Google Street View.

The internet search giant’s online service that lets users explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery has captured vistas for the first time by train.

Through a partnership with UNESCO and Rhaetian Railways, Google began to capture last year 122km of the UNESCO World Heritage Albula/Bernina railway line with Street View cameras, hitched to the wagon of a Rhaetian Railway train, wrote Raphael Leiteritz, Product Manager, Google Maps, on Google’s Official Blog. From the very front of the train, the trike took 360-degree images along the track.

Now, in addition to accessing the imagery of the Swiss Alps train trip from within Google Maps, users can also find the collection in Google Street View’s new gallery.

The mountain journey comes after the Google Street View team’s journey along the Amazon River.