Google to release 7-inch Nexus tablet to rival Kindle Fire?

5 Jan 2012

Google is rumoured to be releasing a Nexus-branded tablet which will compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire rather than the iPad.

DigiTimes reports that Google’s own-brand tablet may be released between March and April of this year. It could have a 7-inch display, rather than a 10-inch one similar to that of the iPad. It may run on Android 4.0 and may be priced below US$199.

This would mean the tablet would compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet rather than the iPad. Amazon released its 7-inch tablet in the US late last year, which gave access to Amazon services, such as the Kindle Store and the Amazon App Store.

Of course, the 7-inch Google Nexus tablet is just a rumour at this stage, as DigiTimes notes that Google Taiwan has said it knows nothing of a plan to launch a Nexus-branded tablet.

The Google Nexus tablet rumours began when, in December, executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt said the company is preparing “a tablet of the highest quality” for a release in six months.

Google currently works with OEMs to release a Nexus smartphone each year, which is the first to run the latest version of Android. In November, it released the Galaxy Nexus, which was a collaboration with Samsung.