Google to save PC search results across mobile devices

6 Mar 2012

Google has introduced a new feature which saves recent searches across numerous devices, such as a PC, Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

According to Google, when users enable web history on their Google accounts and are logged in when they search, they can select a new ‘recent’ icon on Google’s mobile home page to recall previous searches from other devices.

The new search feature is aimed at those who are searching for a place such as a shop or restaurant on their PC and want to see the same search results on their smartphones or tablets while they’re out. Search results will be available for 24 hours after an item was first searched for.

The feature seems to stem from Google’s new privacy policy, which consolidates 60 of its 70 policy documents into one. It aims to simplify the user experience across all of its products which will change how it collects its information.

The policy, which was introduced on 1 March, sees Google combine information users have given on their Google accounts from one Google service to others.