Google Wallet to bring voice-activated payments to Google Glass

6 May 2014

Google’s Wallet software that allows users to send money to other users and store online vouchers is to become available in Google Glass for easy transferring of funds.

According to TechCrunch, a source within the company confirmed that the move is going to go ahead. With a simple voice activation of “send money”, a user will be able to pay for items in compatible stores without having to use a credit card, something which is expected to increase in the coming years.

Google has entered the testing stage with the device and Wallet in its own internal development labs, and will give early access to those Google Glass users in its corporate network.

The company also confirmed that should Google Wallet take off on its augmented reality glasses along with other devices, Google stands to receive 2.9pc of every transaction initiated or a charge of 20 cents, depending on which is the more valuable.

Irish users have yet to get their hands on Wallet, as it is still only available in the US.

Google Glass image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic