Google wishes US Happy Thanksgiving with animated Google Doodle

28 Nov 2013

The Google Doodle celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday in the US today

Internet search giant Google has created an adorable animated Google Doodle featuring woodland creatures coming together for dinner to mark the Thanksgiving holiday in the US today.

A Google Doodle is normally a stylised Google logo on Google’s homepage. Today’s Doodle is only available on the search engine’s US site, but it can also also be viewed on another of Google’s pages.

The animation, accompanied by music, features a bevy of animals scurrying through the woods with pies, corn, squash and a pumpkin. A fox watches them as they place the food on a table and he wants to join them.

The other animals want to scare the fox away, but to show them they have nothing to fear, the fox begins to strum a tune on the banjo (as you do). What ensures is the animals dancing to the fox’s music, with their harvest in hand.

Thanksgiving in the US is a day when friends and family assemble, usually over a large meal, to give thanks for what they have. The holiday originally began when pilgrims and Native Americans gathered to celebrate a successful harvest.

Google Doodle

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic