Happy Halloween! features in interactive Google Doodle

31 Oct 2012

Google's Happy Halloween! Google Doodle

Internet search giant Google is wishing users a happy Halloween through an interactive Google Doodle on its homepage today, complete with spooky sound effects.

Today’s stylised Google logo features a row of front doors, ready for the witching hour with jack-o-lanterns and a hanging skeleton decoration. The skeleton motions to door No 13, inviting users to ‘knock’ on it, by clicking on it.

Users are supposed to click on each door, behind which a monster, mummy, ghost, pair of eyeballs and one-eyed octopus reside.

But that’s not all – clicking on each creature results in a sound: the monster roars, the mummy moans, the ghost disappears in a swoosh, the eyeballs blink, and the octopus swoops around. Click on the skeleton, and it will perform a little dance, too.

There’s even a black cat that pops out of a rubbish bin.

Users have the option of turning the sounds – which include a screeching cat – on and off, by clicking on the mute sign on the right.  


Google’s Happy Halloween! Google Doodle as it appears when users land on the Google homepage

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic