Heart this! Google+ algorithm adds animated hearts to soppy pics

14 Feb 2014

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Google+ has added a new photo-editing algorithm that plants animated hearts over pictures on which it detects people hugging and kissing.

The clever move follows a similar effort at Christmas, when snowflakes could be added to uploaded photos.

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we launched Auto Awesome Hearts!” wrote Google+ team member Vincent Mo.

“Just upload a photo of kissing or hugging, and Google Photos will add hearts automatically.”

He said it even works on bear hugs. 😉

Earlier today, Google invited users to take a bite out of Valentine’s Day by creating their own box of chocolates via an interactive Google Doodle.

The stylised Google logo on the search giant’s homepage features a couple with a heart between them. A ‘play’ button sits on the heart, and when a user clicks on it, he or she is taken to a scene featuring an empty chocolate box and a chopping board containing ingredients.

valentines doodle 2014

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years